Dr Pandit Gokulotsavji Performing

Gokulotsavji is regarded as the head of Khyal and Dhrupad style of music. He is also an acknowledged expert in Sama Gan and Praband style of music. His taan patterns and elaboration of raag are totally unique and unknown to any gharana. He is also recognised as an authority on Bramha Mat, Rudra Mat, Hanuman Mat, Shudhha Bhinna, Gaudi Sadharani and Vesara.

He is the only artist who gives recital in rare taal and raga as well as creating many new ragas for the listeners of classical music community.

His repertoire of rags is vast and includes:

  • 04 types of sakhs
  • 04 types of Gara Kanada
  • 06 types of khats
  • 09 types of Nat prakar
  • 11 types of Bilawal
  • 12 types of Malhar
  • 14 types of sarangs
  • 22 types of kanadas
  • Taksali bandishes
  • Khandani bandishes
  • Gharanadar bandishes
  • 5000+ self created bandishes in the pen name of Madhur Piya in the genre of khyal tarana
  • Dhrupad in Sanskrit, Brajbhasha, Pharsi, Urdu, Praband, Ashatapadi and Slokhas
  • Gokulotsavji’s son, Vrajotsavji Maharaj, has also created his own compositions and bandishes in the pen name of Vrajrang Piya.

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